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Beth & I
I got to meet Kim & Bianca from Big Brother 2014

Leighton Denny - Monochrome* / Persian Delight*

If you follow any of my social media you have probably seen that I was lucky enough to be invited to Bloggers Love Fashion Week. Unfortunately I could only attend day two rather than both days but it was an amazing evening. It was held in The Penthouse in Leicester Square and we had the most amazing view of the whole of London.
In the morning I showered and washed my face using mainly The Body Shop Products and a little Soap and Glory (what is a shower without S&G?) - I used The Body Shop Raspberry Body Scrub, Argan Oil Shower Gel, Banana Shampoo & the Tea Tree Creamy Cleanser - a new favourite of mine. I used the Soap And Glory 'Scrubatomic' to exfoliate my face to make sure I had a smooth surface for my makeup base. To smooth out my skin even more I have been using The Body Shop 'Tea Tree Pore Minimiser' it has a gel like consistency and applies really nicely without feeling too much like a silicon primer. Following that I applied the rest of my makeup (all linked up at the top) and then I was off to Leister Square!
I met Ritika and we headed to Oxford Street for a bit of shopping and grabbed a coffee (I had a frappuccino but shh..) and then proceeded to get lost looking for the venue. When we arrived we were amazed at the event, it was so much bigger and 'legit' than I thought it would be. Greeted by photographers and fellow bloggers it was such a comfortable atmosphere and somewhere I didn't feel awkward which is great for an event full of people I don't know. It was amazing being able to talk to the front people of companies and making contacts without having to send out very awkward emails and get no reply.. But I digress it was an amazing event and i will definitely try to go to as many more as I can. I was able to speak to so many brands like FYT, Leighton Denny, Jurlique and many more and was given many samples to try out and speak to you all about so look out for reviews of the products you can see above! 
At the end of the evening we got to watch a fashion show and the designer showcased some fabulous designs and the crowd were in awe of some of the dresses (especially the wedding dresses - they were amazing.) As it was a fashion event I took the opportunity to look pretty dapper - if you want to see what I wore check out my last blog post here - what did you think of my outfit?
I'd like to say thanks to everyone that I spoke to that night and who made it so special, meeting fellow bloggers was amazing as I rarely meet them so thank you if we spoke - you made it an amazing night. As I said I am going to be reviewing many of the products listed above so let me know if you want me to speak about anything in particular. Have a fabulous day guys! 
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