Tuesday, 15 July 2014

AlexRocksxo | The Week On Pinterest

Pinterest is one of my favourite websites to sit and browse for hours and hours and I have been creating tonnes of new boards and finding lots of inspirations for life in general. I wanted to share with you what I have spotted and what I am loving; if you want to see all of my boards go ahead and check out my profile here.

1. With my 18th birthday coming up very very soon (16/07/14) I am getting very excited about getting my first tattoo; I have had the idea of having a moon on my leg for a long long time but it is only recently I have been thinking of having a moon with a face in it rather than a plain crescent and I adore this little one. They say your first tattoo should be the smallest and I plan to get mine slightly bigger but I love this design. (Pinned to my  board TattooOriginally from Kaleidoscope Eyes)

2. There is something about cacti and they always seem to catch my eye - I think they are stunning plants. As I am moving to London in 2 months eek I have been looking for low maintenance plants to brighten up my flat and I think I have found the perfect match. I especially love cacti that bloom as I think they inject some colour while still looking amazing. (Pinned to my board HomeOriginally from Kyle Scully Flickr)

3. Maybe because I am very nearly at legal drinking age I have been searching for cocktail recipes for the summer and a blackberry mojito sounds amazing. A normal mojito is one of my favourite cocktails to the addition of blackberries can't hurt - can it? (Pinned to my board BeverageOriginally from Just Putzing)

4. My love for coffee is forever growing but the main reason I chose this picture was because of the Daniel Wellington watch on the gentleman's wrist. There is something so elegant and classic about these watches and they look so sophisticated and I adore them. I am lucky enough to be receiving one for my 18th from my Mum thanks mum and I can't wait to wear it. (Pinned to my board Fashion - Originally from Daniel Wellington)

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