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AlexRocksxo | June Favourites - Fashion, Beauty, Skincare etc

I don't think I have written a favourites post in about a year because really I don't try enough new products each month so I never have enough to write about. This month I have bought lots of new beauty products and also some new fashion pieces so I gathered up my favourites to show you.
I think I'll start off with beauty and move onto fashion. Body care this month has been quite simple, I have been loving The Body Shop Raspberry Body Scrub; oh my lord this smells heavenly, it's like raspberries with almonds and sugar and so much good stuff. The scrub is just enough to leave you feeling smooth without it being too scratchy and uncomfortable. One thing I love about this is that it sticks to you and doesn't fall off while you're trying to rub it into you like some of their other scrubs - it must be the jam like formula.
This month I rekindled a love a skincare product that has literally changed my skin. I was using the Michael Todd Blue Green Algae toner but really didn't get on with it, spot after spot after spot and just couldn't get it to work for me. I found a small bottle of Lush's Tea Tree Water and within one day of using it my skin had more or less completely cleared up. I immediately went onto the Lush website and ordered a big bottle of the stuff and I have been loving using this. It is in a spray bottle and you have the option to spray it directly onto your face or onto a cotton pad and swipe it over your face. Personally I prefer to use a cotton pad just to make sure any remnants of my cleanser has been removed. The other skincare product I have been enjoying is the Soap & Glory Scrubatomic. I have done a full review of this product here so check it out for a more in depth review but basically it is a manual scrub that refines your skin leaving it beautifully smooth and polished.
My skin is really starting to clear up and I am sooo happy but I still like to wear a little coverage to cover up my remaining scars and warm up my complexion. I have been using The Body Shop Tea Tree BB Cream (review here) and I was using my fingers to apply but then this brush from Kirkland Signature - it is called the 'finishing' brush and I'm pretty sure this would have been my mums - Kirkland are an own brand from Costco and when I was younger we lived very close to one and visited it a lot so I suppose that is where it came from - annyywayyyy this brush gives a flawless finish and doesn't leave me looking cakey which I love and I am very pleased this turned up.
The last of my beauty favourites is my current favourite fragrance - Bleu De Chanel. This is bloody expensive so I use it sparingly but it is absolutely gorgeous. It is a light and fresh citrus scent but is very noticeable and I have received many compliments on it. It is so long lasting and there is never a need to reapply so it lasts forever.

Moving onto fashion this month has been very sunny (finally) so the shorts were out! I picked up about 5 pairs but these two are my favourite. The first pair I picked up from Zara for £20 in the sale and they have a white and burgundy geometric print and they fit perfectly. I went to London and paired these with a white shirt and tan brogues and really liked the look (there's a picture of the outfit above). The second pair of shorts are really a lounge pair and some that I can throw on to pop to the shops in and chill out at home in and they are a pair of cotton floral shorts and they are so light and comfortable and just lovely to chill out in. Lastly are a pair of sunglasses I picked up in Primark for £3. Primark's sunglasses game is on point at the moment and I keep picking up new pairs but these big round ones are definitely my favourite. I think I have come to the conclusion that bigger sunglasses suit me more rather than small ones and these ones are huge but I love them.
So that is it for my monthy favorites - have you tried any of the products I mentioned? Let me know in the comments below -  be sure to also go over to bloglovin' and follow me to make sure you don't miss out on any of my future posts.  If you want to keep up to date with the world of AlexRocksxo be sure to follow me on all the usual sites. Links are below :-)

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