Monday, 2 June 2014

AlexRocksxo | Jampacked June Day Two - Mini Urban Outfitters Home Haul

September is fast approaching, and on the 1st of the month I start university! I am so excited to move to London and start off my career. Of course I am going to be living in rented accommodation and I wanted to start picking things up to decorate earlier rather than later so I can get my stuff sorted as soon as I move in. I saw Urban Outfitters had a sale going on a few weeks ago and took advantage of the bargains and picked up 4 little bits.

First of all I picked up a chalkboard in the shape of a cat because why not? It reminded me of my cat Bushkin (if you have no idea who she is check out my Furry Friends blog post). I love cats so much and when I saw this it was too cute to resist. I think it was £5 so I couldn't resist it. It is perfect for writing quick reminders that I will probably forget and it looks pretty cool on my wall.

On the subject of cats I picked up a cat hip flask, as a teenage student I obviously like to get drunk all the time and a hip flask is perfect for transporting my alcohol of choice around with me. I'm not being entirely serious I bought it because it is so cute and I think it will look really cool wherever I keep it. This was £5 and considering that their normal hipflasks are like £12 this was a bargain.

Maybe my favourite purchase was my ghost photo frames, I only ordered one but the plastic on the side was a bit broken so they sent me a new one for free shwing! I absolutely adore the semi opaque grey frame with a vintage feel to it. At the moment I have one housing some purple tartan wallpaper but I will soon have some prints of me and my friends to hang up. I think these were around £6 but I can't remember exactly.

So that was it for my mini home haul from Urban Outfitters, I love the pieces that I bought and they were all so cheap! What piece was your favourite?  Be sure to also go over to bloglovin' and follow me to make sure you don't miss out on any of my future posts.

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