Sunday, 22 June 2014

AlexRocksxo | Jampacked June Day Twenty Two - Michael Todd Pumpkin Face Mask Review

I saw a fair bit of hype for the Michael Todd True Organics Pumpkin Nutrient Rich Facial Mask (long enough name?) a few months ago - I saw a few Youtubers talking about how much they love it and how it's like 'food for your face' and how it can make your skin look flawless so I thought I would try it out. I have may many acne scars hanging about and as this has Glycolic acid in it I thought it would be great for starting to get rid of them. I ordered two of these (one as a gift) and a toner and when it arrived into the UK I had to pay £16 customs charge which sucked big time so there was even more pressure on the products to be amazing seeing as I had to pay extra. What appealed to me about this company is everything is organic and many of their products are vegan and not tested on animals - I have tried their Blue Green Algae toner which I really liked too. This mask is $34 which is about £20 and this is the most I've ever spent on a mask so I was really holding out for it being amazing.

When I opened up this mask the first thing I noticed was the smell - it absolutely stinks. It's like mouldy veg mixed with vinegar it is so gross; plus it is also bright orange which doesn't make for the most amazing look. When you actually apply it to your face it burns, not like tingling like literal burning, it hurts. The first time I persevered for 10 minutes but whenever I use it now is for maybe 2-5 minutes. After the burning and the stinking I wash it off and I am left with smooth skin but that's about it. I saw no reduction in my scars, blemishes or complexion. If I am being honest I am really disappointed and have recently given this away to see if someone else would enjoy it. I am looking for some masks that will help reduce my scars and also deminish blemishes - do you have any recommendation?

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