Monday, 9 June 2014

AlexRocksxo | Jampacked June Day Nine - Filthy Glamour

Alexander Rocks - Filthy Glamour
Filthy Glamour’ was a theme that came to me as an attempt to move away from fashion based imagery, towards more profound and conceptual photography. I focused on men wearing makeup - something I take quite seriously and something that still, even in the 21st century isn’t accepted by a lot of people and I wanted a lot of my work to revolve around that.Inspired by Merry Alpern, I explored the dirtier side of photography.
I looked into overlaying text upon images, in order to present the dirty/sexual vibe without being too revealing, therefore making it too graphic.  
For my final image, I really wanted to mix both filth and glamour. The prom dress symbolizes glamour whilst the dirty toilet symbolizes filth. 
After college I am moving to South East London to study Digital Photography at Ravensbourne. While I am there I hope to become fluent in French so when I leave I can move to Paris and start to travel the world. Enjoy my work

- Alexander. 

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