Thursday, 5 June 2014

AlexRocksxo | Jampacked June Day Five - Currently Obsessed #2

I have always had a love for Lana Del Rey, but in the past few days my love for her has been rekindled. I watched Tropico (her short film) for the first time on Tuesday and completely fell in love. It's half an hour long and full of beautiful imagery and inspiration. I wont go into a deep explanation about it but if you have time I beg for you to go and watch it; it is gorgeous.

After watching it I immediately started to listen to all of my music I have and got my friend Liam to send me all of her unreleased music.. 130 songs later I am in love with all of it and am listening to it constantly. Check out her unreleased stuff on YouTube if you like Lana. Her voice is enchanting and sometimes haunting and sends me into the best chilled out moods. Such a gorgeous singer as well; I don't even like to call her a singer, she is an artist. Her new album Ultraviolence comes out next week and I cannot contain my excitement! A few songs have been released from it and it seems a lot more relaxed but just as beautiful. Do you like Lana Del Rey? What are your favourite songs?  Be sure to also go over to bloglovin' and follow me to make sure you don't miss out on any of my future posts.

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  1. Lana is my obsession! X