Friday, 18 April 2014

Spring Shades | AlexRocksxo

The weather is finally getting warm and not just sunny, I spent my day in London yesterday and I visited Barbican, while I was there I sat on a roof overlooking a big pond full of water features, in the sun it was beautiful and it's got me so excited for Spring and Summer. I spoke about how much I love Spring in my last blog post which you can see here and it got me excited to write another post for my Spring Series.
I think it's safe to say I have an obsession with sunglasses, I love them so much and I have probably too many pairs, but only a few that I actually wear. I think sunglasses are underrated and not enough people pay enough attention to them, it is difficult to find the perfect pair but if you search hard enough you'll find the right pair.

The floral pair are the newest pair to my collection, coming in at £5 from Urban Outfitters, they may not be the most subtle pair and may not be the perfect shape for me but I love them. To me Spring just screams for florals and when I found a pair of floral sunglasses I knew it was fate. They have a white backdrop with pink and green flowers on, they are gorgeous! They have a pretty big frame but nevertheless they are a favourite already.

The other pair I find myself reaching to more often than not are my clubmasters. I picked these in Camden last year for £5 and I still wear them a lot. They have lasted me so well apart from being a little scratched but that's just because I don't take excellent care of them (whoops). These have black frames with rose gold hardware which I love, I used to have a silver pair but I smashed them last summer but I found these ones in Camden and fell in love with the rose gold. They're a lot smaller than the first pair and they are a lot more wearable than the floral print ones but I love them both equally!

So those are my most reached for sunglasses at the moment, it will probably change when I find some more fabulous pairs on shopping trips, I've already started to search for a pair I've seen in an advert for Primark and they shall soon be added to the collection. What do you guys think of these Spring Series posts? If you missed the last one you can check out the series here. Which pair of sunglasses are you reaching for at the moment?

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  1. I love the floral print pair and can't believe they were only £5!
    I always wear my Ray Ban wayfarers and would definitely recommend them, they are so reliable and timeless.

    Hannah x

    1. I would love a pair of Ray Bans but they are so bloody expensive! x