Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Spring Fragrances | AlexRocksxo

Spending money on perfume and aftershave is something I really need to stop doing.. I have no money to spend anyway but whenever payday comes around I can't seem to stop myself going into The Perfume Shop and eyeing up a new scent.. At the moment I am lusting after Manifesto by YSL, but I have no money it will have to sit on my wishlist for a little while longer.

As much as I love smelling and eyeing up perfumes, I rarely buy them because I have my favourites, one of the cheapest ones I have bought and have been loving recently is the Zara Woman: Rose. I've spoken about it in a blog post before and I love it. A really light floral fragrance with that zing of fruit. For £3.99 you can't go wrong! I also love and have been loving for well over a year now is Lady Gaga: Fame. A really fruity fragrance with notes of honey, tiger orchid and apricot. One thing I love about the perfume other than it's smell is that the liquid is black but comes out clear, it's bloody amazing! The staying power isn't amazing but it isn't terrible like some highstreet perfumes. I love the scent and it's such an easy one to wear all the time, day or night! My final scent which is my favourite of all time is Chanel: Bleu de Chanel. Really expensive but it is so worth it. It is very very fresh and has a strong citrus nots, but it isn't so heavy it chokes you when you spray it. I tend to only use this when I'm going somewhere nice or out for a special occasion as this small bottle set me back £60, although it is so expensive it is sooo worth it and when my bottle runs out I will be running back to the Chanel counter and may pick myself up a big bottle.. The staying power is amazing and I can spray it on at 9am and still get whiffs of it at 5pm. I've had numerous compliments on it and if you're looking for a present for your boyfriend or are just looking to treat yourself, go and give this a sniff! I highly highly recommend it!

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  1. Why do you wear perfumes when you're a boy?

    1. First hate comment - officially famous