Monday, 7 April 2014

No Skincare Week | AlexRocksxo

Now for a beauty blogger to name one of their posts "No Skincare Week" but I shall explain; if you didn't know I have been struggling with my skin for a while now, it seems the further into my teen years I get the oiler my skin is getting and the more spots that are starting to appear. I have tried a multitude of products to keep them at bay but nothing has been working. I used to have quite normal skin but the older I get the more oily to combination is has become. I bought my first skincare product in December 2012 which was Herbalism from Lush, I loved this and used it so much but I recently went back to it and my skin exploded with angry spots everywhere (TMI? Sorry..) I have since then used a multitude of Lush, The Body Shop, Soap and Glory and a lot more high street products, maybe to help my skin I should invest in some skincare but I just can't justify spending £50 on a moisturiser.
The whole reason for this post is that I am ditching my skincare routine for the next week or so to see if I see a change in my skin. My mum swears that I had good skin until I started to use skincare so I am going to stop for about a week, I am going to London next week and if I see no change I am going on a Korres splurge, I have seen so much stuff I want to try out.
In one mind I really hope it is skincare that's been messing with my skin because it will mean my spots will go away, but then on the other side I kind of hope it isn't because I love doing my skincare, it's like a little pamper every night. So I will keep you updated in the next week about my progress and we will see if I have gorgeous clear skin soon ;-).

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