Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Spring Fragrances | AlexRocksxo

Spending money on perfume and aftershave is something I really need to stop doing.. I have no money to spend anyway but whenever payday comes around I can't seem to stop myself going into The Perfume Shop and eyeing up a new scent.. At the moment I am lusting after Manifesto by YSL, but I have no money it will have to sit on my wishlist for a little while longer.

As much as I love smelling and eyeing up perfumes, I rarely buy them because I have my favourites, one of the cheapest ones I have bought and have been loving recently is the Zara Woman: Rose. I've spoken about it in a blog post before and I love it. A really light floral fragrance with that zing of fruit. For £3.99 you can't go wrong! I also love and have been loving for well over a year now is Lady Gaga: Fame. A really fruity fragrance with notes of honey, tiger orchid and apricot. One thing I love about the perfume other than it's smell is that the liquid is black but comes out clear, it's bloody amazing! The staying power isn't amazing but it isn't terrible like some highstreet perfumes. I love the scent and it's such an easy one to wear all the time, day or night! My final scent which is my favourite of all time is Chanel: Bleu de Chanel. Really expensive but it is so worth it. It is very very fresh and has a strong citrus nots, but it isn't so heavy it chokes you when you spray it. I tend to only use this when I'm going somewhere nice or out for a special occasion as this small bottle set me back £60, although it is so expensive it is sooo worth it and when my bottle runs out I will be running back to the Chanel counter and may pick myself up a big bottle.. The staying power is amazing and I can spray it on at 9am and still get whiffs of it at 5pm. I've had numerous compliments on it and if you're looking for a present for your boyfriend or are just looking to treat yourself, go and give this a sniff! I highly highly recommend it!

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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Becoming a Vegetarian | AlexRocksxo

I've wanted to become a vegetarian for such a long time, but with the hassle of someone having to cook two meals to compensate for me and my family always made me feel a bit bad; recently I've started to eat less and less meat and when I spoke to my mum about becoming veggie she told me to go for it! So since Friday I have become an official vegetarian!

So why am I doing it you ask? I've never been a meat lover anyway and more recently eating meat always seems to make me feel guilty or feel sick; but also I am trying to eat healthier so hopefully not eating meat will deter me from fast food and a lot of sweets that have gelatin in or colourings from animals (crushed beetles? Gross!) This is for my personal health and mental well-being and I am hoping I can stick to this, I don't even like meat much anyway so I know I'll be fine!

If you guys know of any good veggie blogs or recipes then let me know in the comments below!

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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Recently Taken #1 | AlexRocksxo

When I created my blog I saw it as somewhere to display my work and showcase my thoughts. If i am being honest I don't tend to upload a lot of my work here, not on purpose I just forget to or find it irrelivent. So I've decided to create another little series to display my work and try to keep uploading my regular takings. I hope you enjoy my work and leave me some feedback in the comments below!

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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Recipe : Peanut Butter Cookies | AlexRocksxo

I've always loved baking, and this week I have watched countless episodes of The Great British Bake Off this week so I have really been in the mood to bake. I was scrolling through the internet for a easy recipe this morning and I came across peanut butter cookies;

Friday, 18 April 2014

Spring Shades | AlexRocksxo

The weather is finally getting warm and not just sunny, I spent my day in London yesterday and I visited Barbican, while I was there I sat on a roof overlooking a big pond full of water features, in the sun it was beautiful and it's got me so excited for Spring and Summer. I spoke about how much I love Spring in my last blog post which you can see here and it got me excited to write another post for my Spring Series.
I think it's safe to say I have an obsession with sunglasses, I love them so much and I have probably too many pairs, but only a few that I actually wear. I think sunglasses are underrated and not enough people pay enough attention to them, it is difficult to find the perfect pair but if you search hard enough you'll find the right pair.

The floral pair are the newest pair to my collection, coming in at £5 from Urban Outfitters, they may not be the most subtle pair and may not be the perfect shape for me but I love them. To me Spring just screams for florals and when I found a pair of floral sunglasses I knew it was fate. They have a white backdrop with pink and green flowers on, they are gorgeous! They have a pretty big frame but nevertheless they are a favourite already.

The other pair I find myself reaching to more often than not are my clubmasters. I picked these in Camden last year for £5 and I still wear them a lot. They have lasted me so well apart from being a little scratched but that's just because I don't take excellent care of them (whoops). These have black frames with rose gold hardware which I love, I used to have a silver pair but I smashed them last summer but I found these ones in Camden and fell in love with the rose gold. They're a lot smaller than the first pair and they are a lot more wearable than the floral print ones but I love them both equally!

So those are my most reached for sunglasses at the moment, it will probably change when I find some more fabulous pairs on shopping trips, I've already started to search for a pair I've seen in an advert for Primark and they shall soon be added to the collection. What do you guys think of these Spring Series posts? If you missed the last one you can check out the series here. Which pair of sunglasses are you reaching for at the moment?

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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Spring Salads | AlexRocksxo

There is no denying that Spring is my favourite time of year, the flowers, the pastel and floral fashions and also the food. As soon as it gets warmer I find myself more attracted to salads and fruit rather than pasta and other more filling dishes. It has finally started to get sunny in England and slightly warmer so I decided to make a healthy lunch in the sun, unfortunately after taking the pictures I realised that it was freezing outside so I got comfy on the sofa and watched the final of The Great British Sewing Bee.

I love vegetarian dishes, I'm not a huge lover of meat and in the Spring I would much prefer a salad. A Nicoise salad is normally made with tuna but I really didn't feel like it so I just made it without it. I soft boiled and peeled 2 eggs and added them onto a bowl of lettuce, cucumber and avocado. I added a little caesar salad dressing over the top so it wasn't completely dry but the runny yolk on the eggs helped bring the salad together. The eggs were warm and runny and oh my they were amazing; a bitch to peel but it was worth it. I love avocado because it is so filling and tastes amazing. If you aren't a fan of veggie dishes this would be lovely with tuna or even some chicken, but for me this was amazing and I definitely will be making it again. 

Like I said before I love fruit in spring, it is so refreshing and is better than eating a bag of wine gums or something. I always find myself snacking throughout the day so making a big fruit salad is good because I know I'm just going to be eating fruit and not a packet of crisps then some sweets then a pork pie. I generally use what we have in the house but today I used strawberries, pineapple, banana and red grapefruit. Everything is very sweet so the grapefruit gives it a little sharpness but also because it is very acidic it stops the other fruit from going brown. 

Both these salads are great for a healthy lunch on your own or you can make more and have a picnic with your friends in the sun (when it decides to warm up). I haven't posted much about food on AlexRocksxo but if you like posts like this let me know in the comments below!

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Monday, 7 April 2014

No Skincare Week | AlexRocksxo

Now for a beauty blogger to name one of their posts "No Skincare Week" but I shall explain; if you didn't know I have been struggling with my skin for a while now, it seems the further into my teen years I get the oiler my skin is getting and the more spots that are starting to appear. I have tried a multitude of products to keep them at bay but nothing has been working. I used to have quite normal skin but the older I get the more oily to combination is has become. I bought my first skincare product in December 2012 which was Herbalism from Lush, I loved this and used it so much but I recently went back to it and my skin exploded with angry spots everywhere (TMI? Sorry..) I have since then used a multitude of Lush, The Body Shop, Soap and Glory and a lot more high street products, maybe to help my skin I should invest in some skincare but I just can't justify spending £50 on a moisturiser.
The whole reason for this post is that I am ditching my skincare routine for the next week or so to see if I see a change in my skin. My mum swears that I had good skin until I started to use skincare so I am going to stop for about a week, I am going to London next week and if I see no change I am going on a Korres splurge, I have seen so much stuff I want to try out.
In one mind I really hope it is skincare that's been messing with my skin because it will mean my spots will go away, but then on the other side I kind of hope it isn't because I love doing my skincare, it's like a little pamper every night. So I will keep you updated in the next week about my progress and we will see if I have gorgeous clear skin soon ;-).

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