Saturday, 1 March 2014

A Ranty Post | Alexrocksxo

Alexrocksxo isn't a place that I want filled with negative posts, but it is somewhere I come to express my thoughts and I really feel the need right now to write a post on how I feel about this. It's going to be a bit of a different post to what I'm used to writing so if you don't enjoy posts that are full of writing or rants then click off this post now!
Today I came out of work and did my usual bits around town, then I walked to the bus stop and my bus pulled in, I walked straight towards the door and was first in the line to get in. When the doors opened at least 8 elderly people barged in front of me to get on the bus first and this is when I started to get annoyed. If someone has some sort of difficulty walking or they ask to get on before me of course I would say yes, but when people just barge in front of me because they think they are more important it really angers me; I'm sick of teenagers being treated like filth just because we have been given a bad name in the press. Even when I am at work I am undermined by some people (especially grandparents with their grandchildren) because I am young and they ask for a second opinion for someone "older and wiser", just because I am young doesn't mean that I am stupid and can't do my job properly. 
Also just to clarify, I am not calling out all elderly people, I work at Clarks and I meet tonnes of elderly people and most of them are lovely and we have chats and have a laugh, but some ignore, blank and treat me like nothing because I am a teenager and I am sick of it. 
I'd like to know if I'm not alone and any of you have experienced this before, maybe it's just the town I live in but I highly doubt it is.

Sorry for having a bit of a rant but as I said this is a place to express my feelings and there are my feelings expressed. 

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Just a quick thank you to all my readers who stick around and read all of my posts. I will be back to posting my usual stuff next week. Love you all xxx

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  1. Amen! I think it's awful how young people are portrayed in the media x