Thursday, 13 February 2014

Topshop Makeup Haul | Alexrocksxo

Topshop makeup is something I hear about so often, whether it's lipsticks, lipgloss or nail polishes, Topshop makeup is always something I wanted to try. The other day I popped into their store and saw signs for a sale on makeup and sprinted to the counter. I picked up 5 items for £4.50 which I think is amazing. I was so excited about it all so I thought I would share it with you guys!

The first things I picked up for 50p each were these gorgeous eye crayons in 'Rust'. These are a gorgeous bronze colour, really metallic and super creamy. I've never experimented with cream shadows before but I am so excited to use these. As they were so cheap I picked up two of them. Now to find a giant pencil sharpener..

Next I picked up a lipgloss in 'Long Time No See' and when I saw this in the tube I was really excited by it, hoping it would have some purple pigmentation to it but unfortunately it is just a plain gloss. A little bit of a disappointment but still it was only 50p and as gloss is going to be a massive trend this season I think it will come in handy with my future photography projects.

One product I am really curious how to use is the 'Kohl Dust'. This is such a strange product; it's like really messy, smudgy black dust with a hard dome shape applicator, I would have taken a picture of the applicator but this stuff is so damn messy I couldn't without covering my bathroom in black dust. I think this will be really fun to experiment with and I will definitely have updates when I use it. Again this was 50p so no skin of my nose if it is completely useless.

The last thing I bought, a bit of an impulse buy but definitely the star of the show is the 'Face Pallet' this gorgeous pallet has 4 shadows, 2 lip-glosses and a bright pink blush. Everything is so pigmented and just gorgeous. The glosses are smooth and not sticky, you have a pink and a deeper red shade which look so nice on the lips. Then the shadows oh the eyeshadows; there is a light purple shade, then a brown and a black to make any eye look more dramatic and then a highlight colour so a fully formed pallet. Such a bargain it was £15 and I got it for £3 so I am so happy!

I am so pleased with the quality of this makeup and I am so excited to try it out in my photography. Would you like to see my work when I use the makeup? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Wow 5 things for for £4.50 is amazing!
    I really love the eye crayon!

    Hannah x

  2. I don't have any topshop make up sadly! :( definitely need to get some! B xo