Friday, 28 February 2014

Imaginary Client Photography Project | Alexrocksxo

Models - Jake Burnage, Eden Clark, Lauren Barnard, Abital Karimazondo
Makeup & Styling - Eden Clark
Lighting - Samantha Rostron & Alexander Rocks
Photography - Alexander Rocks

For one of my University interviews, Ravensbourne asked me to create a set of work for an imaginary client and I was so happy with the outcomes I thought I would share them with you guys! This blog is advertised as a photography blog but there isn't much on here at the minute. I hope you enjoyed looking through this set of work and if you want to see more of it let me know in the comments below!

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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Outfit Wishlist #1 | Alexrocksxo


I think I am going through a massive style change and not just with clothes, my photography is evolving into something new and so is my blog. I think that my style of blogging has improved so much since I first started and I am writing things I want to write about and not forcing out crap about my favourite beauty items. Not that I don't enjoy writing posts like that, but I got into the habit of writing the same old stuff over and over and I am trying to bring you some new content. If any of you have ideas for blog posts let me know in the comments below!
Aaaanyway on with the list. As I said my style is starting to change; I was a huge believer that skinny jeans were the only jeans that looked good, but I recently purchased a pair of baggy levi jeans (which you can see here) and I am officially in love with them. I think they are actually quite flattering and make a change to my wardrobe which I'm happy about. I found a similar pair from Zara that are distressed and I think they would look great with a sweatshirt and a pair of Dr Martens. The sweatshirt I chose is from ShopJeen and is an imitation of the well known Givenchy Rottweiler. I am definitely more of a cat person and think this jumper is great! A pair of chunky sole Dr Martens and a good quality leather satchel complete this look. This would be a great daytime look for going shopping, or going out somewhere nice for the day.
On the opposite side of things, I love wearing a nice shirt, fitted trousers and smart shoes. I think this is a really simple look but still manages to look stylish. It is also really easy to switch things up and wear things in different ways. First off the loafers are so gorgeous and I have been searching for a pair for so long and I am completely in love with these. This patterned shirt is perfect for summer, paired with these velvet fitted trousers. Yes, velvet trousers are a thing and they are something I need in my life. Finishing off this smarter style with a Marc Jacobs watch and this Rebecca Minkoff bag that compliment the black leather shoes and accessories. I think this look would be perfect for a night out or for a meal.

What do you think of these outfit ideas? Let me know in the comments below!
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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Iain Stirling at Soho Theatre | Alexrocksxo

Iain Stirling was someone I used to watch everyday on CBBC, I don't know if anyone remembers him but he used to have me in stitches when I was 11. When I saw him tweet out he was doing a stand up show at Soho Theatre I had to buy tickets.
The show was titled 'At Home' and it was absolutely hilarious, totally my type of comedy. It was strange hearing him swear though as I was used to seeing him on CBBC and obviously there was no swearing on that but nevertheless he was still hilarious. After the show we walked out of the room and he was there greeting everyone and I may have gotten a little starstruck, it was so amazing to meet him and he was so bloody nice! If you get the chance to see him or watch his comedy online please do! He has a couple of clips on his website here.

After the show me and Sally went to Ed's Diner; we went there last time we went to London (I wrote a post about it here) and we signed up to their loyalty scheme and both got a free burger woo! I had the BBQ Pulled pork burger which was amazing, probably one of the best burgers I've had and Sally had the bacon and cheese burger which looked sooo good. After this we walked through Soho and down the West End and I am now officially in love with the area. It is definitely somewhere I'd want to live. We hopped onto the tube to Tottenham Hale and missed the last train home on the overground *sigh* and as it was almost 1am we had to get a cab home. £40 later I am now officially broke!

Although I am now skint because of it, the night was amazing and I can't wait to go back to Soho! Have you ever been?

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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Topshop Makeup Haul | Alexrocksxo

Topshop makeup is something I hear about so often, whether it's lipsticks, lipgloss or nail polishes, Topshop makeup is always something I wanted to try. The other day I popped into their store and saw signs for a sale on makeup and sprinted to the counter. I picked up 5 items for £4.50 which I think is amazing. I was so excited about it all so I thought I would share it with you guys!

The first things I picked up for 50p each were these gorgeous eye crayons in 'Rust'. These are a gorgeous bronze colour, really metallic and super creamy. I've never experimented with cream shadows before but I am so excited to use these. As they were so cheap I picked up two of them. Now to find a giant pencil sharpener..

Next I picked up a lipgloss in 'Long Time No See' and when I saw this in the tube I was really excited by it, hoping it would have some purple pigmentation to it but unfortunately it is just a plain gloss. A little bit of a disappointment but still it was only 50p and as gloss is going to be a massive trend this season I think it will come in handy with my future photography projects.

One product I am really curious how to use is the 'Kohl Dust'. This is such a strange product; it's like really messy, smudgy black dust with a hard dome shape applicator, I would have taken a picture of the applicator but this stuff is so damn messy I couldn't without covering my bathroom in black dust. I think this will be really fun to experiment with and I will definitely have updates when I use it. Again this was 50p so no skin of my nose if it is completely useless.

The last thing I bought, a bit of an impulse buy but definitely the star of the show is the 'Face Pallet' this gorgeous pallet has 4 shadows, 2 lip-glosses and a bright pink blush. Everything is so pigmented and just gorgeous. The glosses are smooth and not sticky, you have a pink and a deeper red shade which look so nice on the lips. Then the shadows oh the eyeshadows; there is a light purple shade, then a brown and a black to make any eye look more dramatic and then a highlight colour so a fully formed pallet. Such a bargain it was £15 and I got it for £3 so I am so happy!

I am so pleased with the quality of this makeup and I am so excited to try it out in my photography. Would you like to see my work when I use the makeup? Let me know in the comments below!

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Monday, 10 February 2014

Sunday Stuff #2 | Alexrocksxo

Another Sunday another batch of gorgeous products. This weekend I wanted to keep everything quite calm as this weekend has been pretty hectic so I really wanted a chilled out relaxed evening.

The Body Shop - Shea Body Butter & Scrub - Even though this range is pretty plain in scent, I still love it. It's so creamy but it's also kind of nutty. I love the scrub because it leaves this kind of oily residue on my body which helps to keep me moisturised after getting rid of the old dead skin cells. Topping up the moisture levels with the matching body butter really helps lock all of it in and again it smells divine.

The Body Shop - Ginger Sparkle Shower Gel (Discontinued) - I used the paired body butter in my last Sunday stuff and I love the shower gel equally. It has that same scent, spicy yet sweet and it lathers up so well. I love Body Shop shower gels. I have about 7 or 8 I'm using right now. Maybe I need to stop buying them..

Lush - Bomardino Bath Bomb (Discontinued) - I got this in the famous Lush boxing day sale for I think £1.50, a real bargain! It had quite a creamy scent to it so I thought it would pair well with the Shea range from The Body Shop and so it did. It was creamy and buttery, but it also has hints of lemon keeping it fresh. It also is full of cocoa butter so it was so moisturising. It's safe to say my skin has been feeling like velvet!

Lush - Mask of Magnaminty - I actually featured this in my last Sunday Stuff and because I remembered it being so great I thought I would use it again. I do really like this and it leaves my skin glowing the day after I use it, but it isn't doing a great job of clearing up my skin. My skin is totally suffering lately, full of breakouts and I can't seem to control them. If you know of any good products for dealing with breakouts let me know in the comments below! I am thinking of trying out Grease Lightning from Lush.. Has anyone else tried it?

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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Alexrocksxo on Ellaboobeauty | Alexrocksxo

Just before Christmas I was given the opportunity to post on EllabooBeauty and I was so excited to give a little slice of my blog to another audience. The post I wrote was my Spring Must Haves so if you want to see what I think you must have in your wardrobe for Spring then go and check out Ella's blog here.
Let me know if you enjoyed my post over on Ella's blog!

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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Ed's | Alexrocksxo

So today I planned to go to Oxford Street with my friend Sally and take tonnes of pictures and blog about the whole day as I haven't done that type of post for aaages and I really enjoy writing them. But to be honest I didn't really feel the need to take many pictures because it was just a general shopping trip. One thing that I did feel the need to take pictures of was when we had lunch at Ed's, a typical American style diner. Me and my mum used to go there all the time when we used to go shopping; spotting it today was a little nostalgia trip. I had the most amazing butterscotch milkshake, if you like milkshakes, find an Ed's and get one, they have tonnes of flavours and they are just the best milkshakes. I also had a BBQ Pulled Pork Hot Dog, and oh my god it was amazing. Next time I'm out shopping and I spot an Ed's I will be going back there again.
I didn't actually do any shopping but I did grab some samples from Philosophy so I may write about them when I try them out!

Have you ever been to Ed's? Let me know in the comments below!
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