Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Olive Love | Alexrocksxo

*Contains over use of the word body butter*

If you'd have come up to me a year ago and said to me "Alex do you like olives?" I would have given you a very firm no, but over the past year my tastes have started to change, no longer do I crave ice cream and rhubarb and custards, I find myself wanting olives and other savoury items. The same thing goes with my scents, no longer am I obsessed with the Chocomania or Strawberry body butters from The Body Shop, but their Olive range. Holy moly I love it so much.
There are no words to describe how the range smells, it's like olives but then it isn't it's so unique and like nothing I have ever smelled before.Even if you don't like Olives I would go and smell this because it is sooo good! Both these items I got in the sale, the (massive) shower gel was £5.40 with my 10% loyalty card discount and the body butter was £2.50! It was £5 in the sale and I got 50% off of it, an absolute bargain. The body butter is so moisturising but it isn't heavy, I've raved about The Body Shop body butters so many times but I don't think I ever will, I love them!
There is also a scrub, a soap and a beautifying oil I am yet to try from the olive range but I think I will be pretty soon.
I've also been loving the Shea body butter from The Body Shop, I am definitely loving the more neutral scents at the moment, I think in the summer I may be covering myself in the Satsuma body butter again.. We'll see!

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  1. I do love an olive! These products sound fab :) x