Friday, 8 November 2013

The Body Shop Soapstone Oil Burner & Cranberry Joy Home Oil | AlexRocksXO

I started to work at The Body Shop recently and I am absolutely loving it. One thing I love about the store is that it always smells gorgeous; I always wondered why it smelled so good and whilst I was at work they asked me to put the oil burner on, it was this that infused the shop with delicious smells. The oil we are burning at the moment is the Cranberry Joy and it smells amazing. The smell has spread all around my house and is amazing.
The Soapstone burners are really special. They are made with natural soapstone and not one pattern is the same. Every burner is a one of a kind piece for your home, and I love that; it's only £10 which I think is great value, and the oils are only £4 each. You can find them here, and the oils here.


  1. That burner is gorgeous! Gotta love the body shop :) x

  2. i didn't even know the body shop did that sort of thing! looks lovely

    from helen at

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  3. Love the sound of this I like all the body shop products but never tried the essential oil range and the burners will have to get some next time I am in :) x
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