Thursday, 13 June 2013

The GFC Panic..

Hi guys.
Sorry for the missed days of JamPacked June, I've been quite ill and just exhausted the past couple of days. On Tuesday I actually fell asleep on the sofa at 7pm whoops.. and woke up at midnight and found it very difficult to find my way upstairs and into my bed.. But anyway, this isn't a JJ post but feeling the need to put this out there..

GFC is going. Goodbye. See you never again. For those of you who don't know what it is its the little panel in the side bar with all of my followers faces in, or any blog in fact. It is how you keep up to date on the blogger home page.
I have no idea why it is being taken away but it is so its something we will all have to live with.. but there is a solution. BlogLovin is a wonderful free website that lets you keep up to date with all your favourite blogs neatly and effortlessly. You can select which posts you want to read and when, and it allows you to view posts at a glance or a real good in depth view! It is so simple to sign up and add your blog into it.

I'd love it if you came over to BlogLovin and followed me, but it isn't all about the followers, it's about seeing all of you and getting to know you all a bit better. My blog URL will still stay the same, but you just have to pop over to my BlogLovin page to give me a follow!

The link to my page is HERE, and it really is that simple!

So to new and old followers and friends, I hope to see you there, and if not.. Then maybe next time.

Until then see you later guys
Alex xo

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