Thursday, 6 June 2013

Sunglasses Obsession ▲ JamPacked June Day Six ▲ AlexRocksXO

Hi guys!
I'm feeling like a new "Hi guys!" is needed, its so plain and boring and I want something really cool! Leave me some suggestions in the comments to what you think! It's already day 6 of JamPacked June and its actually going really fast! Today I'm going to share with you the restart of my obsession with sunglasses!

I was going to add links to all the sunglasses but some of the pictures were straight off of Google so I can't link those so I thought I'd just have a little chat about each pair!

I love love love all of these but my favourites are probably number 2. I have many pairs of sunglasses like this, but you can never ever ever have too many pairs of sunglasses! I love the colours of them and its just about one of the only styles that suits me when it comes to sunglasses..
Whereas style 4 doesn't suit me at all, although I love cat eye sunglasses they are not for me! I tried on pair 3 in London the other week and I just felt like the English version of PSY! (The resemblance was shocking!) Style 1 though hmmm... This is tricky! I do absolutely love these but would I wear them!? I'm not sure.
All of these pairs that I could find prices for are pretty cheap which is great!

Quite a funny little side note I wore sunglasses pretty much all summer a couple years back.. Guess who got tan lines from wearing them too much! Luckily it was subtle so it wasn't too noticeable but I'm always very wary now!

What do you guys think of sunglasses and the pairs I chose? Do you love or hate sunglasses? Let me know in the comments below!
Thanks for reading guys!
Alex xo

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