Saturday, 1 June 2013

May Favourites ▲ Jampacked June Day One ▲ AlexRocksXO

Hi guys! Welcome to the first day of Jampacked June!
I'm sorry it's a late one I've been super busy today but anyway I hope this goes up in time because I am writing this at 23:07 (and I really should be asleep) but I love you guys :-)
Here are my favourite things of May!

Lush Herbalism - This stuff is a lifesaver, I go off with other facial cleansers sometimes and try new things out, but I will always come back to this stuff, this will clear all blackheads, leaves my skin so smooth and refreshed. It is an all natural product and has crushed almonds in it, and they really help to exfoliate the skin! It's also great for keeping spots at bay! Great product and lasts forever!

Got2b iStylers Clay Texture - I absolutely love this product! The first pot I got I wasn't so fond of, it was really hard to work with but it did do the job and add texture to my "textureless" hair. So I decided to buy a new pot (which I lost) but with the third pot I bought, it was like a completely different product! It was creamy and easy to work with, added the same texture to my hair but was so much easier to do. I use this if I have just washed my hair, or it is clean, and then set it with Tesco Maximum Hold hairspray (the best hairspray you can buy) and my hair will stay up until I wash it again.

Apples - This is a bit of a weird one, but I have just had my braces off and I had my first apple in almost a year the other day and I have missed them so so so much! Bit of a random favourite but yeah, apples are great!

Lush Tea Tree Toner Water - This is a bit of a strange product, whenever I use it I will stand there with the spray ready in front of my face for about 10 seconds ready for the first, cold, wet spray; but once the first is over I spray all over my face before moisturising and it is really refreshing. It helps keep skin clear and fresh, it's great for when it is hot outside, because it cools you down instantly and is just really nice. It smells great too! Even if I don't moisturise it's still feels lovely and will leave a bit of a dewy look on your skin.

Caramel Macchiato flavour Starbucks Discoveries  - These drinks are on offer in Asda for £1 at the moment, and over half term I've had one everyday and they are so nice! The colder the better, they are sweet, but still have a coffee essence in them. Plus they don't have too many calories (so I feel less guilty for drinking one or two..) I'm going to be sad when they go back to full price because they'll probably be mega expensive like all Starbucks products are!

The Body Shop Mango Body Scrub - I have been looking for a body scrub that is exfoliating without being scratchy and irritating, I tried Sancturary Salt Scrub but I really dislike the smell of their products, but The Body Shop has the perfect one. It is a sugar body scrub not salt so it is gentle but I still feel scrubbed and soft when I use it. The smell is amazing and just, I can't even describe how amazing it smells. I paired it up with a pink grapefruit body wash and my Body Shop strawberry body butter and literally smelt like a fruit salad and I liked it.. I bought the small pot for £5 to try but I will most definitely be purchasing the full size when I run out.

That's it for my May Favourites, and posted while it is still 1st June!
I hope you guys enjoyed this post and as always I love to read your comments. Have you tried any of these products? Did you like them or didn't you?

Thanks for reading guys!
Alex xo


  1. The Herbalism cleaner sounds great, I really want to try it!
    The Mango range from the Body Shop really does smell amazing.

    Great post!

    Hannah x

  2. Herbalism really is wonderful!
    I love the mango body shop range too!