Sunday, 30 June 2013

Lush Haul | JamPacked June Day Thirty | AlexRocksXO

Aloha people.
I am so sorry that I've missed a few days of JJ again.. I had so much coursework to do and just didn't have the time to blog. But I am back for the final day of JamPacked June. It was definitely a bigger challenge than I expected but I did enjoy it and hope you enjoyed it too.
Yesterday I went to Westfield in London, and obviously had to pop into Lush. After I left Lush I walked around Westfield, and found nothing that I wanted (or that I could afford), so obviously I found myself back in Lush buying more things. I didn't buy much, but I thought I'd show you what I bought. :-)

Firstly I bought their 9-5 cleanser. This is a liquid cleanser, I use Herbalism and Angels on Bare Skin, but in the mornings and when I'm late they are a bit of a hassle to use, but I've used this last night and this morning and I really like it. It's just really easy and quick to use and I think that I'm going to like this.

Next I bought the Eau Roma Water. This is a toner, and I currently use Tea Tree Water, but the lady explained that this would be better for my skin. It has lavender water in which is soothing and calming and will balance out skin tones. It smells amazing and I really like this. I just spray some onto a cotton pad and wipe away any excess cleanser or mask that I have on. I tried this last night and today and it is really nice and the scent is really calming. 

This was actually a free sample of the Cupcake face mask, it was made fresh in the store the first time I was in there, and then the second time I got to help make it, and got given two free samples :-). It doesn't look too great in the pot, but it smells amazing and it's a really nice product. I used this last night and tonight and my skin feels really smooth and looks brighter. It's a fresh face mask so they do go off quite quickly so I'll be sure to use it up quickly.

Lastly I bought a Mr Bumble. This little guy is so cute, and also contains a 75g piece of Honey I Washed The Kids, which is a toffee and honey scented soap, and is amazing. It also contains a Honey Bee bath bomb, which I just used half of in my bath and turned my water yellow, and has a similar scent to the soap. I also get to keep the little bee scarf thing, which I love and will probably add to my bag or something. What do you think?

A quick update as the day looms.. Tomorrow is the day we lose gfc, and not all of you have transferred over to BlogLovin, and I don't want to lose any of you.. So be sure to come over to BlogLovin

So that's it for this haul, and the end of JamPacked June, I've really enjoyed this and thanks for sticking around. Did you enjoy it? Shall I do another month of daily posting? Maybe not July though, I think I need a break :-P
Thanks for reading and make sure to leave a comment below. Have you tried any of these products? What do you think?
See you tomorrow guys!
Alex xo


  1. Aw that little bee set is so cute! X

    1. I know I love him :-)
      I definitely have to incorporate him into an OOTD

  2. I love the cupcake mask!
    The toner water also looks amazing.

    Hannah x