Monday, 10 June 2013

I FOUND IT | JamPacked June Day Ten | AlexRocksXO

Hunger Magazine is a magazine published by Rankin, one of my all time favourite photographers, someone I look up to for inspiration for my photography work, and I really couldn't find this magazine anywhere.. I tried Tesco, M&S, my local shop and nowhere had it :-( Then I decided to try WH Smiths; they have the biggest selection of magazines I've seen in a while, and my local store isn't big. I couldn't see it on the racks so I asked a lady and she said she knew of it, but didn't know if they still stocked it but she went to look out back anyway. Just as I was about to leave I heard the jingle of keys, fast stomping of running footsteps and there the lady was, holding three shiny Hunger Magazines. I was so happy, I know it's a bit sad because it's a magazine but the layouts, images and just everything about it is beautiful, and £4.95 for a twice yearly (I think it may be quarterly) magazine is amazing value. I'm yet to read through it because I am so busy.
          I ended up getting the cover with Grimes on, Rankin published 6 different
covers for this issue, and the one I really wanted was the Iggy Azalea one, but I love Grimes just as much so I'm still mega pleased.

If you are into photography or fashion, or simply want a new magazine to read, check out WH Smiths because if my small store had it, bigger ones must have it.
Thanks for reading guys. I always love to see your comments and talk to you all so be sure to leave a comment down below.
See you tomorrow for day 11 of Jampacked June.
Alex xo

P.S How fast is June going, already a third into the month.. So fast.

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