Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Five things I want ▲ JamPacked June Day Four ▲ AlexRocksXO

Hi guys! Day four of JamPacked June woo!
It's payday on Friday "yesssssssssss!" and I'm already mentally spending my money! But here's just 5 things I really want to get this month!
This is a little different to a wishlist because some of the things are pretty generalised so I haven't added pictures because either I haven't found what I'm looking for or pictures aren't available!

So they are the 5 things I'm really looking to buy in June! Do you have any ideas where I can get some of the stuff? What things do you want to get in June? Let me know in the comments!
Thanks for reading guys!
Alex xo


  1. I have a full wantworthy list of things I want! haha You might like it? It's wantworthy.com and you just click a button and it saves any item you want online to a list :3

    1. Oh wow that website looks cool! I'll definitely check it out!