Sunday, 9 June 2013

Ankle Grazer Trouser Wishlist | JamPacked June Day Nine | AlexRocksXO

Hi guys, welcome back for day 9 of JamPacked June.
I've been looking for some new pieces for my wardrobe and I stumbled across ankle grazer trousers and now I need a pair in every colour! Unfortunately they aren't made for men very much.. So this wishlist contains women trousers too buy hey-ho they are just snazzy trousers after all.

I really like these, just because they are basic and will go with loads of things, but you could probably make them really fun with some exciting shoes or some snazzy accessories. What do you think? Too boring..?
I actually like these for the exact same reason as the white, just a basic colour for the wardrobe for everyday.. Nothing exciting here :-(
Something exciting finally! It's probably bad that I like a pair of silver shiny trousers.. But I don't! I have no idea what I'd wear these with (I probably wouldn't but I do really really like them..) I'm sure I'd just admire them from afar..
I'm pretty sure I'm buying these, I'm on the edge about them. What do you guys think? They may just be a little too loud and probably couldn't wear them with too much. What would you wear them with?
Again I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy these, the colour of them is beautiful and bright for summer, and I can definitely see myself wearing these! Plus for under £20 I am even more tempted!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you spotted ankle grazers yet? What do you think? Would you or wouldn't you wear any of these? I'd love to get your opinions!
Thanks for reading guys!
Alex xo

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