Monday, 17 June 2013

A Very Chilled Evening | JamPacked June Day Seventeen | AlexRocksXO

Ah hello people, its day 17 of JamPacked June and its coming to a close, but we still have lots more days to go. How are you liking the daily posting?

Tonight I came home, and just, really fancied a chill out night. Nothing to do but lounge around on my bed, have some food and a bath and watch some crappy telly.
After I had had a little chat with mum about both of our days I had a snack and came upstairs and jumped into bed, grabbed my DS and put on Animal Crossing. I want the new version but it's for 3DS and I have a DSlite, but the game on the normal DS is still so great. I probably sat there for about 3 hours playing, scrolling through Facebook and BlogLovin' (and you can follow me on BlogLovin' HERE) and just generally chilled out. I had a really nice dinner of cod fillet, creamy mash and peas :-) also with a parsley sauce and it was de-lic-ious and then I came back upstairs, and guess what.. Played more Animal Crossing.. (Slightly addicted)
I ran myself a bath as it hit 9pm and this is definately my favourite time of day; to chill out, listen to my favourite music and to get squeaky clean. I bought a Radox Bath Smoothie today and oh my god it smells divine. It made bubbles also, which are essential for a bath, and I just chilled out and used some of my favourite products, which include LUSH Herbalism, The Body Shop Blueberry Body Butter and Original Source Mint Shower Gel.

Tonight was, as you can plainly see, very chilled; so I thought this called for a laid back text post.
Just also to say hello to all of you! My blog is gaining popularity and it's all thanks to you.
So to all followers, readers new and old, thank you for reading and I will hopefully see you tomorrow!
Bye guys
Alex xo

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