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2 Years of Instagram | JamPacked June Day Fifteen | AlexRocksXO

Hi guys and welcome to day 15 of JJ, halfway through already.. It's going fast.
So tonight I didn't get home till gone 7pm, then I had some dinner and watched Big Brother and then realised it was 10pm.. So I had to think of a post to do tonight, and I wanted to feature something different to what I normally post. So I was scrolling through my instagram feed and then it hit me.. I've been using Instagram for over 2 years and I decided to see what I've done in 2 years. (It's not exactly 2 years but close enough) So I had a flick through 1209 photos, and picked 12 that best document my life in the past 2 years.

Top Left - 62 weeks ago - This was around 5 in the morning I think on the way back from my dads house, he lives in Cornwall so it's a pretty big every other weekend, but now because of college and work I don't see him as much which is sad :-(. But I am seeing him for both of our birthdays in July so that's good and I'm really excited :-).
Top Middle - 58 weeks ago - Bushkin came home. Bushkin was originally my sisters cat. She's lived in Brixton, Southend, Harlow, Chesunt, but now she's back where we live where she spent most of her life. She went to stay with my sisters dad for a while because the flat my sister lived in wouldn't allow cats. But he gave her back to us :-)
Top Right - 58 weeks ago - When I am down in Cornwall, we take our 3 dogs to the beach and to the woods, but sometimes have a really nice drive with everyone (me, my dad, my step mum Trudy, and my little brother Jack) (Not forgetting Archie Rocky and Bracken) and find a really nice beach or a woodland area and just chill, have a stroll around and enjoy the views. It's all extra lovely for me because I live in the city and don't see much of the beaches, but they all see it every day, which is totally amazing.
Bottom Left - 55 weeks ago - This weekend was amazing, it was the sunniest weekend we'd had in ages and I spent it with all of my best friends. On the Saturday literally everyone I know went to a local field and just had a right laugh. Then on the Sunday me and Amy went to Tesco woaah so exciting.. and got some yum food then I think we had a BBQ back at her house.. I can't remember if we did or not?
Bottom Middle - 50 weeks ago - This was prom night ♥ One of the best nights ever, this photo was taken with one of my favourite people ever, Georgia. I don't see her much anymore but she's an amazing person and I love her loads. This photo just totally sums up our friendship.
Bottom Right - 48 weeks ago - I dyed my hair blonde.. I don't know why, maybe it was the rebellious teen in me trying to get out, clearly I'm not much of a rebellious kid. Turns out I loved my blonde hair and have been very tempted to do it again.. What do you think of it?

Top Left - 39 weeks ago - Born This Way Ball. Another one of the best nights of my life. Gaga was perfect all the way through and I met some amazing people that night. One I will never forget.
Top Middle - 25 weeks ago - I saw Azealia Banks. This was an absolutely amazing concert and was so small and intimate but that's what made it amazing. I went with Georgia and Azealia actually looked me in the eye during one of her songs "Chips" and I kind of died.. She also retweeted me wooo I'm famous now.
Top Right - 23 weeks - A very drunken image from New Years Eve. This was about 3 in the morning and I found a broken umbrella on the way home so decided to take it and carry it all the way home.. I found it on top of a car the next day whooooops..
Bottom Left - 20 weeks ago - I went to the BGT auditions with my friend Connor. It was an amazing day and we saw some of the full finalists which was really cool.
Bottom Middle - 7 weeks ago - My current favourite picture of Bushkin and also the image on my bank card. She was just so chilled and I opened my front door and she looked up at me like "Oh hello look at me" (talk of the devil she just popped in to say hello :-) ) 
Bottom Right - 6 weeks ago - So there I was, in the garden on a sunny day trying to take a nice picture of myself, and there it was.. A wasp, flying towards my face :-( I basically screamed and ran and cried because they scare the hell out of me. When looking through the shameless selfies I took I found this and it just made me cry with laughter.

So there it is. Two years of Alexander Rocks' life. I really enjoyed doing this and if you like this kind of post let me know and I'll do more. Let me know what you think in the comments.
Thanks for reading guys :-)
Alex xo

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  1. Them years they do just fly by...............
    Take every second and make sure you enjoy...........
    Fill your life with all your wildest dreams.....
    Then you will have the happiest memories.....