Thursday, 16 May 2013


Hi guys! I am all better now and back to regular posting!
So today I went shopping and had a peek at some stuff in Topman and H&M, so I thought I'd make a quick wishlist of things I've found online. I love reading these posts so I thought I'd make one! Here goes..

Floral Print Zara Tee   £19.99
This is the bottom middle top, and I really like this. I love floral prints especially in the summer so this is pretty perfect, I'm currently trying to add colour to my wardrobe as its pretty boring right now. So yeah.. I like this :-)

"Floral Combination" Zara Tee £19.99
This is bottom left, and I love this a lot more than the one in the middle, its a lot brighter and just a lot more fun. I really like T-Shirts, but sometimes the material can be a bit funny and not look right on me, so I'm wary with T-Shirts.. But I love this!

H&M Yellow Sneakers  £24.99
Basically I need some new gym shoes. I currently wear some plimsolls from River Island and they just aren't cutting it. I was tempted to order some custom Nike shoes, but they were so expensive, but I really like these ones from H&M! Plus they're bright so they will add needed colour to my wardrobe.

H&M Paterened Shoes  £29.99
I adore these. They are so cute and just so cool. They are blue, and most of my clothes are blue, but I cant help but love them. (I'm a sucker for shoes!)

Topman Plum Dip Dye Denim Shirt  £34.00
I found this shirt today in store, and I actually ran up to it shouting (and got told off by Amy) but I really love it. I much prefer the look of shirts than T-Shirts on me, I just think they look nicer. This shirt does come with a hefty price tag, so I am hesitant to buy it.. I may well end up paying full price, or I may wait for the sale.. Depends on how much I can resist it.

Topman Multi Coloured Tye Dye Top  £20
I also found this today, and I really like it. It's so colourful and just really cool. I like the base colour of it, the pinky/red, its bright and really cool. Plus I really liked the material, it was quite thick so it wont cling and hang funny.. The price tag isn't too bad, but I'm sure you can get tye dye cheaper than that.. (I'm the biggest bargain hunter ever)

That's it for my wishlist (for now), I really hope you enjoyed reading and if you did be sure to leave a comment or subscribe to my blog! Thanks for reading guys!


  1. Love the denim shirt!
    Have a look at my blog, follow me if you like it and I will follow back x

    The perks of being a hipster

    1. I love the shirt! Its lovely but quite pricey!