Friday, 31 May 2013

London Haul + Exciting News ▲ AlexRocksXO

Hi guys!
This post is just going to be a brief run-through of what I bought when I was out in London (I've done a full post on it here).
Also I have some exciting news at the end of the post so make sure you keep reading :-)

So on Sunday Sally and I went to London, for a bit of a mooch in the sun! The sun beamed down on us which was a lovely surprise and we had a look round some vintage markets and some cute little shops and I bought some goodies :-).

This is all the stuff I bought in Camden and Brick Lane, I really love the red shirt, its a really nice fit and I think will look great throughout the summer, and it was only £15 bargain! I also love the Rokit tote bag I got. I couldn't get an amazing picture of it but you can see the colour and pattern of it. That was £5. The earrings on the bottom right were only £2 and I really like them, I've never ever been a fan of gold jewellery but I've always liked black and gold things, and these have caused no discomfort to my ear or any irritation, so £2 very well spent! The most expensive thing I bought was the T-Shirt for £20, although the price tag was quite high, it was hand made and its a nice fit too! The sunglasses were from Camden and were £5 and I love sunglasses and will buy many many pairs, but I really really like this pair! I'm hoping the sun pops out to say hello again soon so I can wear them! Lastly I bought some socks from Topman, they are 3 for £7 but with a 20% discount I got them for just over £5, and they are really comfy! (New socks are the best things ever!)

That's all the stuff I bought in London, I haven't worn any of the tops I bought because of the weather and also because I've been at work all week! I am very very tired!

So if you're still with me you may be wondering what the exciting news is..?
Well I know I've been a bit slow with postings so I wanted to give you something to read more often, and rather than just posting more I thought I'd make something out of it, so starting from tomorrow (1/6/13) it is officially Jampacked June! For the month of June I'm going to post every day and really start to fill up this blog and make it something special! I'm really excited for this!

Thank you guys for reading as always I love to read your comments! What do you think of Jampacked June? (I'm going to call it JJ for short) I hope you're excited for it! I will see you all tomorrow for the first day of JJ!
Bye guys!
Alex xo


  1. I love the print on that shirt :) x

  2. LOVE your blog! And I love the socks!
    I want to nominate you for the Liebster Award :) All the details of it can be found here on my blog:

    Hope to see you there!
    -Celine xo