Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Tip For Skinny Jeans

Okay I love skinny jeans, but I am the first to say they go baggy fast, even with ones I have paid £40+ for they still tend to go baggy once I've worn them a few times, especially when you bend down they tend to stretch. Washing them normally fixes this, but over washing can remove colour, and if they aren't dirty you don't really need to waste washing them.. "So what can we do?" I hear you asking, well I have a solution!

You will need:
Baggy skinny jeans
Tumble drier
Water spray bottle (If you haven't got this is isn't essential but its a lot easier)

Step One:
Take the jeans and lie them flat somewhere that can get wet (outside or on a towel in the bathroom)

Step Two:
Take the spray bottle and fill it with water, then spray the jeans so they are damp all over. If you don't have the spray bottle just wet your hands and pat the jeans down so they are damp.

Step Three
Put the jeans in the tumble drier for about 10 minutes, or until they are dry.

Step Four
Wear your skinny jeans out for the world to see!

WELL that was easy! Plus it beats having to wash them fully and waiting for them to dry. I hope I managed to help you and if you enjoyed this post please leave a comment telling me to write more tips for you.

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