Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Okay so the title is a "little bit" of an exaggeration but it got your attention didn't it?
Basically I felt a bit rubbish in the morning, and I'd recently had my braces tightened and I didn't really feel like eating, so I went to the town, on an empty stomach and I felt fine.. I went into the hairdressers and sat down and while my hairdresser (Hannah) was cutting my hair I asked her to stop because I felt really strange.
Then all of a sudden I went totally dizzy, couldn't see and there was just a plain ringing noise in my ear, I felt pretty rubbish.
When I could hear and see again my Hannah got me a glass of water and some sugary stuff and told me to eat it, not really sure what happened but it wasn't great. Hannah said she said it was like a cartoon, and just saw the colour drain from my face. NOT FUN! Then when she actually finished my hair and I wasn't dead she popped out the back and then drove me home incase it happened again on the bus home. (Thanks Hannah)
Moral of this story is eat food or you will die (maybe).

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  1. Just come across you blog and I really like it :) + I went swimming an a practically empty stomach (not a good idea) and fainted in the changing rooms wearing only a towel, yep, it was as embarrassing as it sounds!


    1. Oh no that sounds awful! I hope you weren't too exposed!

    2. Haha no I was fine! Very embarrassing though :p x