Friday, 15 March 2013


Well today has been an absolutely rubbish day with the weather! Yesterday it was bright and sunny but today it's been wet, dark and gloomy. So what did I do to brighten up the day? Retail therapy of course! So here's just a little recap of what I bought and my first impressions!

British Vogue April - £4.10

This is my favourite magazine, I buy it every month and just sit and read it cover to cover. I love the fashion, the words and the photography. The photography in Vogue is the type I want to shoot in the future and I hope one day to have my pictures published.

Original Source Shower Gel - Orange and Cinnamon  - £1.15
I haven't tested this out yet, but I remember seeing it in one of FleurDeForce's video's, and I spotted it today and immediately fell in love with the scent. I am a huge lover of cinnamon anyway, and this just smells great and I cant wait to try it out!
Plus most (if not all) Original Source shower Gel's are half price at Boots, so grab them while they're cheap!

Nivea Lip Butter - Raspberry Rosé - £2.25

I'm a little late trying these, because I'm pretty sure they've been in the UK for a while now, but I saw them in Boots in the "3 for 2" offer so I thought I'd try them out. They come in four flavours; Plain, Vanilla, Creme Caramel and Raspberry Rosé.
I was exited to try the three flavoured ones but unfortunately  someone had stuck their fingers in the vanilla one and the caramel one, so I just got the raspberry flavour, and I am so glad I did. 
I tried it once I got out of the store, and the flavour is AMAZING, like seriously it just tastes like yoghurt, but in a really good way! The way it made my lips feel was great too, and I'll be sure to do a full review on it soon!

Vaseline - Original & Rosy Lips £1.99

Everyone knows what Vaseline is, but I've been suffering with dry lips for a while now, so I thought that Vaseline might be a good solution  I am yet to try it out but I'm sure, as it's such a big brand it'll be sure to bring some moisture back! 
These are also in the "3 for 2" offer at Boots (why I bought two not just one.)

Okay so that's all I bought today, and everything I bought is linked in the titles, so if you want to buy anything that I bought be sure to click the links! If any of you guys have tried these products and like or dislike them be sure to let me know!

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